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Tallinna 53.keskkool was opened on 01.09.1970 as primary school for basic education. But it was a large school, where 680 pupils studied, and 50 teachers worked. The school developed step by step. In 1976 there were already 1650 pupils and 97 teachers. From 26.02.2002, Tallinna 53.keskkool received state certification to be a secondary school. The school provides general education at the secondary level according to Estonian laws.

There are programs for primary and lower secondary education, and secondary education. Special programs for individual education, education at home, for pupils with limited opportunities, school clubs, sport sections, groups by interests, different subject studios. Tutoring in different subjects. Additional study courses, which are not foreseen in Estonian state programs, organization of rest for pupils, school clubs for preschoolers, creations of groups for preschoolers for their adaptation to the school life, groups for training of physical and psychical health.

Pupils from 7th to 19th years old study in the school. In addition we have a school for development of children from 5 to 6 years old. We consider that we have presented our study programs to answer to the previous questions, where it is said, what programs are foreseen for preschoolers and others for every age, this depends on interest and requirements of our pupils.

We work and are open for all pupils. We try to use individual approach for every pupil, in order to discover their abilities and help them to realize themselves now and in future. Teachers pay their attention to every pupil, that is why these different study programs and clubs act continuously in our school. We try to include new modern subjects to these school clubs, like 3D design and other IT sections, to develop IT skills in our pupils. We have study lessons for robotic technology as our usual lessons according to our study program at the lower secondary education level. We also have study clubs for different foreign languages.

Our school has the following structure: The 1st stage – I- III classes, The 2nd stage – IV – VI classes, The 3d stage – VII/IX classes, Gymnasium stage – X-XII classes, Management of the school – Headmaster, head teacher, coordinator of primary school.

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Tallinna 53.keskool purposes to internationalize the school that is why we wish to take out special attention for communications with schools from different European countries. We need our students and teachers to see and know about different European schools, to have some periods for study and communication with students and teachers of other countries. In this way we hope to make European values stronger in our students and teachers as well.

For these purpose, last year, Tallinna 53.keskkool joined Euroschoolnet2000, a network of secondary schools and with help of mobility projects we will have the  possibility to know more about different European schools, members of this organization. As all these European schools are more  experienced (most of them are accredited now), we decided to prepare our application for the accreditation of our school so that we can have mobility projects for students and teachers to these schools from different European countries.

We will submit this application, while we will receive this accreditation. As a new member of this organization Tallinna 53. keskkool attended the annual meeting in September 2021. During study year 2021-2022, we were looking for possibilities to start project cooperation with schools of this organization. Tallinna 53. keskkool prepared a common project KA220-SCH – Cooperation Partnerships in school education with Portugal. In such way, Tallinna 53.keskkool wants to be active in European projects and international cooperation with schools from different countries. This is the best way to develop our international work and project activity, which is the most reliable method for development of Tallinna 53.keskkool.

That is why we wish to start and develop our mobility activity with help of accreditation of our school, from the short-term learning mobility of pupils. For the first time we have a group mobility of school pupils. Moreover, it will be important as a job shadowing for our teachers to develop their professional skills and to receive good practice. We know that some schools of Euroschoolnet2000 are strong in scientific subjects and foreign languages, that is in accordance with our purpose and objectives we want to do mobility projects in regular basis.

Tallinna 53. keskool really hopes that this accreditation will be evaluated accordingly and supported by Estonian NA, in order to start actively our cooperation with other members-schools of this organization Euroschoolnet2000, which includes most countries of European countries. Tallinna 53.

keskool wants to participate in projects actively and set cooperation with other European schools. Erasmus+ programs make our membership active in Euroschoolnet2000, that gives so good opportunity for internationalization of Tallinna 53. keskkool. We hope that this project activity develops our school now and for future. We need to cooperate with these schools, which experienced in European projects. We need to study from them, to receive a good practice from European schools. We need to participate in this Erasmus Program to develop our pupils, teachers and school according to a new educational strategy of Estonian Government and our school internationalization plan.

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